Need to Get Your Electrical System in Tiptop Shape?

Depend on us for electrical repair services in All Boroughs including the Bronx, NY

There are plenty of problems that can occur with your electrical system. Luckily, Anbarly Group can resolve almost all of them. We offer a variety of electrical repair services in the Bronx, NY including New Jersey, and All Boroughs. Once we've troubleshot your system, we'll provide solutions based on your personal and budgetary needs. We can even conduct an electrical panel upgrade if needed.

5 signs you need electrical repair services

Tired of dealing with faulty electrical features? Reach out to our local electrician serving the Bronx, NY area. You should turn to us for electrical repair services if:

  1. You notice sparks coming from your electrical outlets
  2. Your lights are constantly flickering or won't turn on
  3. Your electrical outlets and light switches have stopped working
  4. You notice a burning smell coming from your outlets or switches
  5. Your circuit breakers keep tripping

Speak with a representative from our electrical company about your electrical panel upgrade needs by calling us at 718-709-0330 now.

Signs it's time to upgrade your electrical panel

A faulty electrical panel can lead to annoying power outages and potentially disastrous fires. Fortunately, Anbarly Group offers electrical panel upgrade services in the Bronx, NY and surrounding areas. You should call us to schedule an electrical panel upgrade if:

  • Your panel is over 25 years old
  • Your panel can't keep up with your electrical demand
  • You need to reset the circuit breaker often
  • Your panel stays warm to the touch
  • You hear buzzes or crackling noises around your panel
Reach out right away to arrange for electrical repair services. We'll be happy to answer any questions and give you a free estimate.